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Customer Testimonials

Here's What Our Clients Have to Say About Pitsch Law Offices, LLC!

Drunk Driving

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"I was pulled over for drunk driving and had a B.A.C. of .22. I didn't have much hope, but Attorney Pitsch was able to get my case dismissed before trial!"
- Daniel F.

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"I hired Attorney Eric Pitsch to get my OWI dismissed. He did just that and I never had to go to court. I can’t believe it was that simple. Thank you Attorney Pitsch."
- Jeremy C.

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"I was cited for a 4th offense drunk driving and didn't think there was anything I could do until I talked with attorney Pitsch. He suggested a way to get my case dismissed, and it worked! Attorney Pitsch was able to get it reduced to a 3rd offense initially and then he got the whole thing completely dismissed outright before trial!" 
- Ronald D.

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"I had a B.A.C. of .173 and didn't think that I had much of a chance of winning my case. Heck, we even took it to trial and the jury found me guilty; however, Attorney Pitsch objected during the middle of the trial and moved the court to dismiss the case, despite that, the jury found me guilty. We came back later for a hearing on his objection and the judge dismissed my entire case stating that Jeopardy attached and it could never be retried! I couldn't believe it, I won! Thanks Attorney Pitsch!"
- Benjamin B.

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"I was wrongfully accused and cited for OWI. I went to some other attorney and he didn't do anything and wanted to plead guilty. I fired him and went to Attorney Eric Pitsch. Eric took my case to trial and won!!! He got my case dismissed!!! I don't know where my family or I would be right now if it wasn't for him."
- Keith V.

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"I was wrongfully accused of DUI and Attorney Pitsch got my case dismissed." 
- Travis G.

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"I was pulled over for drunk driving and arrested. Attorney Pitsch got my case dismissed." 
- Colleen A.

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"I was driving home from the bar and was pulled over by the police. He must have followed me from the bar. I was arrested for DUI but Attorney Pitsch gathered the video of the stop and argued to the prosecutor that there was no probable cause to pull me over. He got my case reduced to a reckless driving." 
- Samantha E.

Other Representative Cases Attorney Pitsch Got Either Dismissed or Reduced:
  • Client was charged with OWI for operating a four-wheeler on and near a highway, which resulted in a roll-over accident. Attorney Pitsch was able to show there was no probable cause to make an arrest and the client's case was dismissed.
  • Client rolled her car into a ditch and suffered injury. The officer failed to properly investigate the case to establish probable cause to make an arrest prior to arresting our client. Attorney Pitsch was able to get the case reduced to a reckless driving.
  • Client was making a turn onto another roadway and hit a motorcyclist while making a turn. Client was subsequently arrested and cited for drunk driving. However, Attorney Pitsch was able to show intoxication was not the cause of the accident or a factor in the case and was, therefore, able to get the charges reduced to reckless driving.

Criminal - Felony

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“I was facing 3/12 years in prison and a $10,000.00 fine for something I didn’t do. I didn’t know what to expect, but Attorney Pitsch got my case thrown out! Thanks Attorney Pitsch, if it wasn’t for you I’d probably be in prison for something I didn’t do.”

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"I was charged with five felony drug counts and was facing $130,000.00 in fines and 40 years in prison. Attorney Pitsch was the answer to my prayers; he was able to get all charges against me dismissed before trial. I don't know what I'll be doing for the next 40 years, but I know I won't be in prison!" 
- Paris R.

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"I was being charged with a serious felony and Attorney Pitsch was able to ease my nerves and give me the reassurance and peace of mind that I needed. Attorney Pitsch stopped the constant police interrogations and harassment I was dealing with and ultimately got the case thrown out!"
- Paul A.

Personal Injury

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"I was hit by a driver who was on her cell phone and not paying attention. My kneecap was blown off and I had to have surgeries to correct it. I ended up losing my job and my apartment because of the injuries I suffered. Attorney Pitsch was able to get my case settled and get me the money I needed to get my life back on track." 
-Jason A.

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"I was in an automobile accident and went to Attorney Pitsch for help. He reassured me that he wouldn't let the big insurance company push me around and that he could help. He was able to get me five times more than they were willing to settle with me for!" 
- Phyllis A.


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"I was getting divorced and it was a complex situation. I owned a business and my wife was claiming I owed her more than $200,000.00 in inheritance. Attorney Pitsch was able to get me my business and more than $180,000.00 of my wife's inheritance!" 
- Dan M.

What Judges and Other Attorneys Say:
  • "Ambitious, intelligent, zealous, and professional!"
  • "We all learned a lesson here today from Attorney Pitsch."
  • "Dedicated, hardworking...he never quits."
  • "Friendly, timely, knowledgeable and professional."
  • "How do you get so many drunk driving cases dismissed?!!!"
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