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Criminal Law

An Aggressive Criminal Defense Lawyer

Fighting to Protect Your Rights

Being charged with a crime can be a devastating event. Being convicted of one can change your life forever. If the dark cloud of a criminal case is hovering over your future, call Pitsch Law Offices, LLC. Our lawyer has over 15 years of experience and will fight to protect your rights.

Handling Many Criminal Cases

  • DUI, OWI, and drug cases 
  • Assault and battery on adults and children
  • Motor vehicle-related incidents - including negligent operation of a vehicle and false police reports
  • Larceny - both felony and misdemeanor charges 
  • Burglary and theft
  • Domestic violence 
  • Armed robbery 
  • Traffic crimes - including DUI
  • Drug charges - including possession and distribution 
  • Assault charges - felonies and misdemeanors 
  • Theft charges - misdemeanor and felony charges
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"I was charged with five felony drug counts and was facing $130,000.00 in fines and 40 years in prison. Attorney Pitsch was the answer to my prayers; he was able to get all charges against me dismissed before trial. I don't know what I'll be doing for the next 40 years, but I know I won't be in prison!" 
- Paris R.
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